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Water News and Reports

Índia portada

India, the giant menaced by water

India encompasses all water and sanitation problems present nowadays in the world, and it is especially menaced by global warming. In 2016, drought showed its climate vulnerability, but this large country also has the seed to find solutions: ancestral knowledge, enormous resilience and an immense development capacity to become a reference point in adaptability and mitigation.

Ciudad regenerativa portada

Is a regenerative city possible?

Can Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, New Delhi... become cities that regenerate as many resources as they consume? This is a very high demand, a utopia according to many, but from the water perspective we need to start thinking about making it possible or at least, about getting close to it. We need to be close to the concept of reuse, and in many cases time is of the essence.

Argo Day portada
January 24, 2017

72 immersions in the faraway ocean

The Argo beacon launched by the vessel We Are Water during the last Barcelona World Race has spent two years drifting in the South Atlantic collecting valuable temperature and salinity data. The aim is to learn more about the ocean: the climate of the Earth depends on the health of its gigantic water body.

Letrina portada

2016: latrines break all taboos

No one feels embarrassed anymore when talking about it. Referring to the lack of latrines implies talking of the greatest healthiness problem faced by mankind, as it is the main cause of the open defecation of 946 million people. We have exorcized the latrine of social taboos and we now see it as a source of economic growth.

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