Portada NASA

The rain professionals meet in Paris

  • The position of meteorology and climatology in the social understanding of climate change will be debated at the 13th International Weather and Climate Forum (29th-31st May in Paris) 
  • The importance of communication and education, focal point of the meeting in which the audience is the main protagonist
  • The We Are Water Foundation presents the campaign #NoWalking4Water to the international community of professionals of atmospheric sciences 
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“My toilet: stories of women and girls from all over the world,” the bathroom as a vital narrative

  • The photographic exhibition reveals 35 stories of women and their bathrooms.
  • Organised by the We Are Water Foundation and curated by Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor, it can be visited from the 10th May to the 31st July at the Roca Barcelona Gallery.
  • The images show in strong contrast the vital relationship of different women around the world with their bathroom spaces. 
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Portada Masterclass

A tremendous challenge that we all need to take up

  • Nine experts gathered for the Masterclass Water and jobs. The power to transform our lives, organised by the We Are Water Foundation, share with students the current challenge posed by the water economy that affects us all.
  • Awareness-raising, coordination and cooperation from all of us are the keys to manage our most precious resource, which is also the most threatened one.
  • Companies are essential to attain any goal.
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