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40,000 latrines with guarantee of sustainability

  • The We Are Water Foundation, through its main sponsor Roca, collaborates on the Indian government’s project Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, supplying 40,000 sanitation plaques.
  • The Vicente Ferrer Foundation will install the new latrines in Anantapur and will undertake an educational campaign to ensure the appropriate awareness of the users.
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India, the great challenge of sanitation

  • For World Toilet Day, the We Are Water Foundation organised “Sanitation for all. Ghandi’s dream and the challenge of India”, a debate in which the goals of the SWACHH Bharat programme were set out
  • The Asian giant shows the planetary scale of the problem of sanitation
  • The installation of toilets must be accompanied by community participation, justice and, above all, education
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Paris Conference

Our future will be forged in the Paris Conference

  • At COP21, the 21st Conference of the Parties about the climate, almost 200 governments from around the world will sign the most important agreement for the future of life on Earth.
  • The average temperature of the atmosphere rising more than 2 degrees before the end of the century must be avoided at all costs.
  • Meteorology, key in avoiding damage, is the science that will best guide us to understand what happens.
  • The Foundation receives an honorary mention from the European Meteorological Society for the scope of the We Are Water Film Festival.
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