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Water News and Reports

March 22, 2017

Sewage, the trace of our history

For over 10.000 years we have coexisted with an unavoidable attribute of our civilization: sewage, human waste that even today continues to be lethal for millions of people. A brief review of a history that demystifies us.

The treatment of waste water, a right that cannot be postponed

Waste water, the theme of this year´s World Water Day, is a scourge we cannot afford. Its treatment and reuse is a vital factor that needs to reach every corner of the world, as it is lethal for millions of people, it obstructs the access to water for the poor and it contaminates rivers, aquifers and oceans. Four experts will discuss about this challenge that needs to be faced inevitably at the round table organised by the We Are Water Foundation on the 22nd March.

Bolívia home

Resilient Bolivia, an example to overcome the water crisis

The Water War in Cochabamba in 2000 was one of the most significant moments in the fight for the right to water in Latin America. But Bolivia has not solved its severe water problems yet and it is one of the most threatened countries by climate change. Its battle is not lost: the "water committees" are a social empowerment tool and the best guarantee of resilience.

Tecnología portada

Technology is necessary, but it isn´t everything

We need to start thinking more about how we interact with water instead of how we control it. The most developed countries are designing an intelligent water network that is able to control the supply problems and prevent natural disasters. But the solution based on a model that is exclusively technological is not the right one and it can increase the already existing barriers for those who do not even have water.

Índia portada

India, the giant menaced by water

India encompasses all water and sanitation problems present nowadays in the world, and it is especially menaced by global warming. In 2016, drought showed its climate vulnerability, but this large country also has the seed to find solutions: ancestral knowledge, enormous resilience and an immense development capacity to become a reference point in adaptability and mitigation.

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