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HEADER-Hydroelectricity, the Energy of Rainfall

Hydroelectricity, the Energy of Rainfall

The oldest form of renewable energy, hydroelectric power, is not immune to the effects of climate change. Its history is intertwined with the construction of large dams, which have significantly altered numerous river ecosystems worldwide. Additionally, smaller hydropower plants are vital in fostering development in rural regions that are distant from significant energy distribution hubs.

HEADER-Learning from Scarcity: The Laboratory of a Drought

Learning from Scarcity: The Laboratory of a Drought

The water crisis currently unfolding in northeastern Spain is unlike anything seen in the past century. It sheds light on various shortcomings in water management practices prevalent in numerous arid regions of the developed world grappling with the changing climate. Catalonia's water issues provide valuable insights, offering an opportunity to devise effective solutions that can serve as a reference point.

HEADER-Chiapas, an Unsustainable Water Paradox

Chiapas, an Unsustainable Water Paradox

Many parts of the world experience the paradox of being surrounded by water yet unable to utilize it. In the Mexican state of Chiapas, this predicament is intensified by the deterioration of water supply facilities, along with a distressing decline in forest cover and biodiversity. A new project helps us to combat this challenge that threatens the balance of the planet.

HEADER-Ending the Water Storage Gap

Ending the Water Storage Gap

The gap between available water and the water required to meet human needs is increasing every year. A shift in the way we handle water storage is therefore needed. It should encompass all available water sources, withstand the impacts of climate change, and ensure efficient management for the greater good. Embracing such an approach stands as the most effective assurance for achieving water security.

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