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Katmandú portada

Water in Kathmandu: a crisis in an area of abundance

The abundance of water in Nepal, the second country in the world with more water resources, contrasts with the serious access problems of nine million people, a quarter of its population. Its capital, Kathmandu, suffers the consequences of the lack of management and the pollution of rivers and aquifers. Its inhabitants fight for their water supply every day, and so does the population of many Asian cities.

Aguas residuales portada

Waste water calls to action

The treatment of waste water brings to light the fundamental problem of the water cycle management in the industrialised world. The basic problem is identical in the poorest areas but the social consequences are catastrophic. The conclusions of the experts gathered at the debate “Reuse of water, Are we ready?” organised by the We Are Water Foundation, point to the action of citizens that are well informed of the integral water cycle. There is a great deal at stake.

March 22, 2017

Sewage, the trace of our history

For over 10.000 years we have coexisted with an unavoidable attribute of our civilization: sewage, human waste that even today continues to be lethal for millions of people. A brief review of a history that demystifies us.

The treatment of waste water, a right that cannot be postponed

Waste water, the theme of this year´s World Water Day, is a scourge we cannot afford. Its treatment and reuse is a vital factor that needs to reach every corner of the world, as it is lethal for millions of people, it obstructs the access to water for the poor and it contaminates rivers, aquifers and oceans. Four experts will discuss about this challenge that needs to be faced inevitably at the round table organised by the We Are Water Foundation on the 22nd March.

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