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Water News and Reports

Chad agriculture
September 5, 2011

The crisis in Africa clearly shows the role that international organisms play in aid due to the lack of water.

  • The FAO, the WFP, UNICEF and UNHCR redouble their efforts before the avalanche of crises on the African continent.
  • Drought, famine on the Horn of Africa and the displacement of refugees from the conflict of Darfur are the humanitarian crises in which the lack of water is more dramatic.
  • The projects of the We Are Water Foundation in Ethiopia and Chad take on special relevance in recent months.
Seguridad alimentaria
July 26, 2011

Food security, the subject of World Water Day 2012

  • The link between water and food security is essential for development.
  • The socioeconomic crisis harms food production in the world.
  • Climate change is one of the most worrying factors for the FAO.
  • The "Construction of a reservoir in Ganjikunta" project, undertaken by the We Are Water Foundation with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, is a good example of the practices recommended by the United Nations.
Foto Giulio Napolitano
July 19, 2011

The drought in the Horn of Africa seriously affects 11 million people

  • The drought, which has lasted more than a year, faces Somalia and Ethiopia with its greatest human disaster in recent decades.
  • Oxfam, the FAO (the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation) and the WFP (World Food Programme) sign a joint declaration and make an urgent call for food security in the zone.
  • Food security and the thousands of displaced persons that lead to the situation are the main problems in a region traditionally scourged by the lack of water and infrastructures.
  • The We Are Water Foundation collaborates with Intermon-Oxfam in Ethiopia.
newsletter 1
June 10, 2011

Conference: “Anantapur: transforming the desert into life”.

  • The conference, held in the Roca Barcelona Gallery, set out the problems of hydric resources and the solutions being developed in the region of Anantapur, India.
  • T.K Chalapathy and Jordi Folgado showed the work that the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, with the collaboration of the We Are Water Foundation, is undertaking in the district of Anantapur, one of the most arid zones of India.
  • Gour Saraff, President of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC), pointed out the importance of raising awareness about the scarcity of water and pleaded fo the creation of small reservoirs for the recovery of the deteriorated water cycle in the Indian agricultural areas.
May 27, 2011

ARAL SEA: DESTRUCTION AND RECOVERY CONFERENCE. One step forward in the proposal of the We Are Water Foundation

  • Organised by the We Are Water Foundation, in collaboration with the Central Asia Observatory of Casa Asia in Barcelona, this conference represents a step forward in the Foundation's proposal.
  • The documentary entitled Aral: the lost sea, directed by Isabel Coixet, was shown, the first awareness-raising initiative of the Foundation.
  • Successful attendance of a sensitive and receptive public before the problem of water and the objectives and actions of the Foundation.
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