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Water News and Reports

©UN Photo John Isaac

Awaiting the monsoon of life

In India, millions of farmers await a rainy summer in order to survive. From June to September the country lives on the lookout for a monsoon that is more necessary than ever after last year´s disastrous drought. The farming sector looks towards India as a reference point in the fight against an aridity that threatens to devour the life of the poorest.

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Efficient management is also a human right

The assimilation of water as a social good should not lead us to forget that an investment in infrastructures and technology is needed in order to guarantee the supply, quality and environmental balance. The strained debate about a public or private management model tends to overshadow the real problems of the integral water cycle. Beyond municipalisation or licensing, we need to achieve an efficient management that ensures the water security both locally and globally.

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Don’t drink and don’t bathe in the only source of water

An unhealthy ditch is the only water source in Yanama, in Andean Peru. Mothers need to prevent their children from drinking or bathing in its water before they boil it. They do not always succeed in doing it and diarrhea and parasite diseases are endemic amongst children. The Peruvian government has set the goal of providing the entire population with access to water and sanitation by 2021: this is Yanama's hope.

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Urban agriculture: concrete can be green

Cities can be much more than just asphalt, bricks and concrete: they can end up supplying most of the food of the future, saving water and being effective elements in the fight against climate change. Urban and peri-urban agriculture is a movement that gains strength as it is a key driver for the transformation and development of cities, and an incentive for the reuse of water.

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