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Water News and Reports

The challenge of water R+D+i

The alteration of nature caused by our activities places us before a challenge based on constant knowledge: to discover, predict and evaluate the consequences of what we are doing with natural resources and the environment we live in forces us to be effective in Research, Development and Innovation. The water security of the planet depends on the experience of the most developed countries reaching everyone.

Aguas residuales portada

Waste water calls to action

The treatment of waste water brings to light the fundamental problem of the water cycle management in the industrialised world. The basic problem is identical in the poorest areas but the social consequences are catastrophic. The conclusions of the experts gathered at the debate “Reuse of water, Are we ready?” organised by the We Are Water Foundation, point to the action of citizens that are well informed of the integral water cycle. There is a great deal at stake.

The water invisibles

The water invisibles

There is something worse than not having any water: not having anyone aware of it. In the big data era, the figures we have at hand on the access to water and sanitation are inaccurate: they do not reflect the reality of many obsolete installations, there are no reliable population censuses and many factors that make the access to water difficult are unknown or they are beyond the control of the responsible institutions. This invisibility is a second condemnation to oblivion: if we do not see them we cannot help them. Within these unregistered groups of population, women and girls are even more marginalized.

Sun and water, drop by drop

The We Are Water Foundation collaborates with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation promoting the installation of photovoltaic panels to operate the pumps that draw water from the subsoil and distribute it in a drip irrigation system. The goal is to revolutionize the farming productivity and water management in the Anantapur and Kurnool regions, some of the poorest areas hit by desertification and threatened by climate change. 

If we end thirst, we will end hunger

Food security depends on water. Agriculture is the human activity that consumes more water. The end of hunger on earth depends on the water management we carry out, this being one of the biggest challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals. The projects of the Foundation that help small farmers are examples of the roadmap to follow.

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