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Smart water - Smart shopping

The 4th edition of the Conference on architecture, technology, design at the service of water and society will take place in Ciudad de Mexico on the 14th December, at the Museo Memoria y Tolerancia (www.myt.org.mx) organized by the We Are Water Foundation.

"Smartwater, Smartshopping" will address the water problem in the commercial, retail and mixed use developments: one of the main areas of development, design and construction in Mexico, both in cities and tourist destinations.

Although the message will focus on Mexico, a vision of the entire Latin American/Caribbean area will be provided, which will give continuity to the conferences celebrated in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Mexico and Barcelona. 

The Smartwater conferences are an initiative to provide an all-encompassing and multidisciplinary vision of the water problem, focusing on strategic development areas such as the cities and tourist destinations, and in this 4th edition the focus will be on one of the main development areas in Mexico, such as the shopping, retail and mixed use centers. All this converges in a region with a high sensitivity and strategic value for water on a global scale like Latin America.

The initiative is carried out by joining “the value chain of water” in a proactive way and from a broad perspective: controllers, architects, designers, developers, operators, among others, who based on a structured idea provide a different perspective, previously unexplored ways of collaboration and mutual knowledge that will favor a greater sensitivity and good practices on water management. In this way “the value chain” of solutions is expanded to provide solutions to the water problem while at the same time it facilitates the development of an awareness of water, by incorporating players that are closer to the citizens.

In “Smartwater, Smartshopping” the aim will be to provide continuity to the actions carried out in Mexico and Barcelona as well as to start incorporating new contents that will continue raising awareness and to share solutions to the water problem by getting to know successful experiences in other regions of the world, as well as innovations, cooperation and social integration schemes. Moreover, the best practices and specific examples found in Latin America and in other parts of the world that might be replicable in Latin America will be emphasized.

As a consequence of the above, a stable professional, business and institutional cooperation between Europe and Latin America on a reality that affects us all will be encouraged.

Decision makers (regulators, large consumers, operators, commercial developers, engineering companies specializing in water in commercial premises, architects and designers) from Mexico/Caribbean and Spain with presence or interests in Mexico/Caribbean will participate in the Smartwater Smartshopping conference. Professionals, companies and institutions with interests in water in Latin America are also invited to the event.