If you stay alive, you can set up your home and other people’s homes with access to drinking water nearby.

As you have a growing population, you can channel water for sanitation, thereby eradicating diseases caused by bacteria in faeces.

You can water your crops and let your domestic animals drink.

This will enable you to be self-sufficient and generate markets to trade goods with your neighbours.

If you drink clean water, you hydrate your body at an intercellular and extracellular level: you will stay alive.

As the place you live has access to drinking water, children can go to school to get a good education, particularly in the case of girls.

Your community will grow.

You will have work, food, water, education and trade.

You will have a future.


If we tell you that 663 million people do not have access to drinking water, what image comes to mind?

Thirsty people?


But having access to drinking water means so much more than just drinking. It is an incredible chain of interrelated events that culminates in having a future.

Since our creation, at the We Are Water Foundation, we have always had two clear objectives: The first is to raise awareness and generate reflection among public opinion and institutions with respect to the need to create a new culture of water that enables the fair development and sustainable management of the world’s water resources. The second is to carry out actions of all kinds to reduce the negative effects of the scarcity of adequate water resources, whether it be through our involvement in infrastructures, education, healthcare or development in the most disadvantaged regions on the planet.

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