Smart Water

Smart Water

Architecture, technology & design in the service of water & society

Smart Water was created to provide a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary vision of the water problem, mainly oriented towards the construction developments and projects

The initiative focuses on strategic development areas, mainly in emerging countries, such as cities, tourist destinations and specific initiatives that are experiencing a great strategic and social development like shopping malls, retail and mixed uses.

Its development incorporates regulatory bodies, architects, designers, developers, operators, among others, which, under a structured idea, provide a different perspective, ways to collaborate and mutual knowledge that have not been previously explored and which provide greater sensitivity and actions on good practices in water management. With their participation a value chain is created and reinforced that proactively works to provide solutions to the water problem, as well as raising awareness of it.

The project was created in Latin America, a region of high sensitivity and strategic value for water worldwide, and is mainly developed through International Conferences that gather renowned professionals, institutions and companies.

Each conference focuses on a specific topic, included in one of the three main areas embraced by the project:

Smartwater International Conferences have been held in Mexico City (2014, 2015 and 2017), in Barcelona (2016) and Madrid (2018). Panama or Colombia, among others, will be some of the next meeting points.