Let’s make a deal

The We Are Water Foundation and Hilton Grand Vacations take a step further towards global awareness of the importance of the good use of water and the respect for the environment

“Let’s Make a Deal” is a pioneering initiative that involves the entire human chain in hotels, guests and professionals, to advance together towards this goal.

The initiative is natural and necessary in tourism: the awareness of all actors, professionals and guests, of the importance of the good use of water in global sustainability and their involvement in good practices that can be transferred to everyday life.

Hilton Grand Vacations has made strides to reduce the travel industry’s impact on the planet. All of Hilton Grand Vacations’ European properties have Sustainability Ambassadors, who help carry out various initiatives such as educating guests on recycling at the resort. Many of Diamond’s properties have sustainable gardens, where team members grow herbs or vegetables for members, owners and guests to use while staying at the resort.


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Let’s Make a Deal proposes a dialogue between hotel staff and clients, suggesting specific actions to take a step further in the raising of awareness of the impact all our activities have on the environment. With the collaboration of We Are Water, Hilton Grand Vacations will hold programs aimed at informing people of their water usage, encouraging them to make simple changes, such as reusing bath towels and limiting water usage, doing this not in an intrusive but in an exciting way for guests. These, being well informed and involved in specific and tangible actions, will become the best communication agents and promoters of good practices once they return home.

As part of this initiative, Hilton Grand Vacations will be educating members, owners and team members to make a reasonable and sustainable use of water within all of the company’s European properties.

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A pioneering initiative open to the entire industry

The initiative has gone further to obtain donations from its clients and employees. With this aim, Hilton Grand Vacations has been linked to three already completed projects of the Foundation: the construction of two reservoirs in Settipalli and D.K. Thanda4, India, the installation of water filters in Telaga Dalam and Cinto Mandi in Sumatra, Indonesia, and the rehabilitation of the water system damaged by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Siquinalá, Guatemala.”

This collaboration has continued with the Walkathons initiative; we have organised solidarity walks in six countries to help access water in our Kwedizinga and Ranipet projects.

Hilton Grand Vacations is a pioneering example to be followed by other hotels and tourist accommodation. It develops with Let’s Make a Deal a bridge of knowledge and reconciliation with clients and professionals from the industry, in order to generate greater commitment and awareness of the real problems affecting drinking water. Thus, Let’s Make a Deal is a platform open to any hotel or tourist accommodation that wishes to develop responsibility with regard to water, the environment and solidarity initiatives.