Smart Water, Smart (collective) Creativity-Dubai

This conference closes a cycle that, with the title Smartwater Smart(Collective) creativity, has provided a transversal vision from the point of view of the sustainability of the development of tourist destinations and hospitality design projects from the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf regions

Tourism generates a great economic, social and environmental impact, and during the different sessions the creation of a space of common interest has been facilitated from different professional angles (architects, designers, hoteliers, real estate developers, design and equipment companies, textile designer , art studios, etc.) where you can share information, knowledge, experience, visions and, above all, the opportunity to generate new collaborations that give a better response to the challenges that lie ahead as a society.

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The seas and oceans play an essential role in the water cycle and the fight against climate change. Their health and quality are crucial to the quality of life, health and challenges that we face as humanity, directly affecting sectors with a significant social, economic and environmental impact such as tourism. The accelerated deterioration of the seas and oceans requires decisive, collective and cross-cutting action, stimulated through new ideas and approaches. It requires a creative collaborative initiative.

This cycle has been made up of 3 days, each one held in a different tourist region:

  • October 14, 2021 Mexico City – Mexico
  • February 2, 2022 Cartagena – Spain
  • February 21, 2022 Dubai – UAE


  • Jorge Arditti, Arditti Arquitectos. One of the pioneering Mexican architects in making sustainable architecture and an ambassador for the We Are Water Foundation.
  • Hilda Impey, Founder & Creative Partner, Hilda Impey Studio. A leading creative in hospitality design in the Middle East, with more than twelve years of experience in Dubai. Her Mexican background acts as a source of inspiration. Her training in textile design has made her especially sensitive to the environment, in particular with taking care of water.
  • Tareq El Zayat, Managing Director – Dubai OBM International. A renowned international studio specialising in high-end luxury vacation hospitality projects, mainly in Caribe and the Middle East, with a special focus on how they blend into their setting, protecting the environment and having water as a source of inspiration.
  • Manuel Herrera, CEO, Muher Studio. An outstanding Spanish architect and artist with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and America who finds the inspiration for his work in the natural environment and especially in the Mediterranean.
  • Gina Rosete, Managing Director, Tropiqa Studio. One of the most outstanding architects and designers of hospitality projects in the Caribbean.
  • Antonio Salvador, Contract Hospitality Manager Suinta. Prominent Spanish company specialized in hospitality projects with experience in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf.


Monday February 21 at 4pm. Spain Pavilion. ExpoDubai

4 pm Welcome Coffee

4:30 pm Inauguration

María Del Valle Miguélez Santiago.Minister of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Murcia Government Región de Murcia.

4:40 pm Presentation We Are Water

5:00 pm Architecture, design and water. The ability of architecture to generate new ways of consuming, experimenting and living in balance with the natural environment

Jorge Arditti, Arditti + RDT Arquitects Design Studio
Hilda Impey, Hilda Impey Interior Design Studio
Tarek El Zayat, OBMI

5:30 pm Discussion table: how to stimulate creative collaboration for the generation of remains and opportunities presented by the current situation (shared with all the speakers)

Gina Rosete, Tropiqa
Manuel Herrera, Muher
Antonio Salvador, Suinta

6:00 pm End of the conference. 

Moderating the conference: David Cámara. Smartwater Project Leader. We Are Water Foundation.