Smart Water, Smart (collective) Creativity

The intention was to have a discussion and debate, under this title, of the cross-cutting vision of water in projects, the connection with what we call the blue economy (recycling plastic from the bottom of the seas and oceans for its integration into the value chain of projects) and its impact on tourist destinations

The seas and oceans play an essential role in the water cycle and the fight against climate change. Their health and quality are crucial to the quality of life, health and challenges that we face as humanity, directly affecting sectors with a significant social, economic and environmental impact such as tourism. The accelerated deterioration of the seas and oceans requires decisive, collective and cross-cutting action, stimulated through new ideas and approaches. It requires a creative collaborative initiative.

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Smart Water, Smart (collective) Creativity

The Smart Water, Smart (collective) Creativity debate was held on 14 October in Mexico City as part of Expo CIHAC Digital.

  • 4:00 pm Spain
  • 6:00 pm Dubai
  • 9:00 am Mexico
  • 10:00 am Miami


  • Ana Ramírez, Senior Lead Designer, Hospitality, OBM International (Miami). A renowned international studio specialising in high-end luxury vacation hospitality projects, mainly in Caribe and the Middle East, with a special focus on how they blend into their setting, protecting the environment and having water as a source of inspiration.
  • Manuel Herrera, CEO, Muher Studio. An outstanding Spanish architect and artist with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and America who finds the inspiration for his work in the natural environment and especially in the Mediterranean.
  • Hilda Impey, Founder & Creative Partner, Hilda Impey Studio. A leading creative in hospitality design in the Middle East, with more than twelve years of experience in Dubai. Her Mexican background acts as a source of inspiration. Her training in textile design has made her especially sensitive to the environment, in particular with taking care of water.
  • Nyra Troyce, Director, Nyra Troyce Studio. A leading Mexican textile designer specialising in hospitality design, she places particular value on collaborating with other colleagues and professions with which she shares the same values, a common theme for them all being a focus on the social and environmental impact of their creations.
  • Ada Yvars, Director, Mangera Yvars Architects/Olga Duque, Senior Associate, Business Development, Mangera Yvars Architects/Artur Arias, Senior Associate & Projects Director, Mangera Yvars Architects  (Barcelona). One of the most renowned and international Spanish studios, with a particular presence in the Middle East. Its works stand out for their uniqueness and the special ways in which they respond to the need to create sustainable environments.
  • Gonzalo Pérez Vázquez, Director of Architecture, Inmobilia (Mérida-Yucatán). In charge of the architecture area in one of the leading property developers in Mexico that, as part of all its developments, pays special attention to the environment and specifically to water. Since it is based in Mérida, Yucatán, water takes on a special value. He has always been linked to water professionally as an architect.
  • Francisco Orugo Tejero, Director Hospitality, ECUS  (Murcia). Responsible for the hospitality division in what has been one of the pioneering companies in the development of strategies to incorporate the recycling of plastics from the bottom of the seas and oceans into its production process.
  • Paco Lago Castillo, CEO & Design, Paco Lago Interioriza Studio (Málaga). Renowned international designer specialising in vacation hospitality and based in Málaga. The basis of his work is creative collaboration with different disciplines which share the same sensitivity about the environmental value of projects.
  • Jorge Arditti, Arditti Arquitectos (Mexico City). One of the pioneering Mexican architects in making sustainable architecture and an ambassador for the We Are Water Foundation.


(Local Mexico time)

9 am Introduction by Expo CIHAC

9:05 am We Are Water Presentation. Carlos Garriga We Are Water

9:30 am Architecture, Design and Water: The Ability to Influence the Protection of the Oceans and the Complete Water Cycle and Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change

Jorge Arditti Arditti Arquitectos Ambassador for We Are Water. Mexico City

Ana Ramírez OBMI. Miami

Manuel Herrara MUHER Arte y Arquitectura Studio. Murcia

Hilda Impey Hilda Himpey Studio Dubai

10:15 am Discussion panel: creative collaboration as a way to overcome challenges and generate new opportunities (joint session involving all the panellists)

Nyra Troyce Nyra Troyce. Mexico City

Olga Duque MYAA. Barcelona

Gonzalo Pérez Inmobilia. Mérida-Yucatan

Francisco Orugo ECUS . Murcia

Paco Lago Paco Lago Interioriza. Málaga

11:00 am End of session

The session will be led and chaired by: David Cámara, Smart Water Project Leader. We Are Water Foundation.