Smart Water, Smart Reaction

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a worldwide impact on all human activities and all social and economic development processes

Nothing is the same anymore in the way we plan for a future that is as uncertain as ever before. However, we have understood the direct relationship existing between health, the environment and the economy, and how it affects human relations.

New opportunities have arisen to develop models and tools with which to advance towards that uncertain future with efficiency and effectiveness.


The world of creating and managing living spaces is changing. Work environments, housing, meeting, consumer and leisure centers are no longer the same after the pandemic. Their relationship with resource management, pollution and environmental care is now joined by new demands of healthiness in social contact that especially affect the management of water and sanitation, key factors for the future of a humanity with a demographic growth that is already suffering dire climatic changes that can be devastating in the long term.

The smart world must react effectively and efficiently; it needs to become smarter but also more sensitive to global problems and more aware of the need to move forward together with all levels of society.

The professional world, brought together by the Smart Water, Smart Reaction initiative, intends to face through water, dialogue and cooperation, the survival and justice challenge humanity has set itself. Evolving from an individual vision to collective intelligence is a way of multiplying the necessary resources to create a fair and resilient society.

The next Smart Water, Smart Reaction debate took place in Mexico City on the 27th October as part of Expo CIHAC Digital.


  • Jorge Arditti, one of the Mexican architects who has historically made more progress in sustainable architecture and ambassador of the We Are Water Foundation
  • Jaime Ventura, a renowned Panamanian architect and president of IPAUR, especially committed to water problems and climate change
  • Susel Biondi, one of the most renowned architects specializing in sustainability in Peru and South America
  • Enrique Villanueva, Development Director of Pulso Inmobiliario, Mexico’s leading developing group of holiday resorts, offices and upmarket residences
  • Jorge del Olmo, Design and Project Director of Grupo Posadas, the leading hotel group in Mexico
  • Suzana Gomercic, Senior Vice President, European Resort Operations of Diamond Resorts
  • Jugatx López Amurrio, Associate Director at the firm Luis Vidal + Arquitectos; and Project Country Manager at Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP). Architect specializing in leading large public impact sustainable projects