School Sanitation facilities for girls students in Alwar (Rajasthan), Chennai and Ranipet / Vellore (Tamil Nadu), India.

Alwar (Rajasthan), Chennai and Vellore (Tamil Nadu), India

In collaboration with

World Vision

December 2017 – December 2018

We built facilities in three schools as a model to develop functionality and good use among boys and girls.


  • Setting three model schools with adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Improve child well-being by enabling communities and schools to achieve sustainable access to adequate potable water, improved sanitation and good hygiene practices.


1,559 direct
Two schools in Chennai, two schools in Vellore and three schools in Alwar

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On the ground

A change in mentality is necessary so that toilets are used correctly by boys and girls.

Construction of Toilets in schools are easy but making them functional and usable always needs the change of mind set and behaviours of the large group of children and commitment of the school teachers.


In detail

To ensure the sustainability of WinS, the program will focus on promotion of behavioural change, formation and strengthening of Child cabinet and SMC in each schools as first step.

It also requires carrying out software activities in schools to inculcate hand washing behaviour, improved hygienic practices and adolescent health and MHM practices along with regular utilization of sanitary facilities among children in schools.


Children have access to an improved water supply.

Girls’ students have access to improved sanitation, hygiene knowledge and practice and improved capacity of menstrual hygiene management.