Water and sanitation for Ukraine


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We carry water for survival, sanitation and hygiene for those suffering from war, especially for children.


  • Water and sanitation for war victims, with a particular focus on children.
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On the ground

The bombing damaged the water supply and sanitation facilities. Thousands of homeless people were displaced.

The intensifying hostilities in Ukraine immediately threaten the lives and well-being of the country’s 7.5 million children. As the conflict escalates, so do the needs of children and families. Heavy weapons fire has recently damaged critical water infrastructure and education facilities. Major attacks in Kyiv have created fear and panic, with families seeking refuge in subways and shelters. Unless the fighting subsides, tens of thousands of families could be displaced, dramatically escalating humanitarian needs. Evacuations are already ongoing in Luhansk Oblast and have started in Donetsk.

Together with UNICEF, we are bringing water to the victims of this conflict.