A new incentive to raise awareness on a global scale

The Best Feature in the Magazine and the Best Strategy in Social Media of the 2017 iAgua Awards have been presented to the We Are Water Foundation, which attended the most important event in the water sector in Spain with three nominations. The award ceremony showed the concern of the professionals of the sector about the water and sanitation problems and their booming spirit of collaboration.


As in the previous edition, the We Are Water Foundation has obtained two prizes at the iAgua Awards: Best Feature in the Magazine and Best Strategy in Social Media. Both awards provide a significant incentive for the Foundation, as it receives recognition from the water community to its communication effort, something essential for the attainment of one of its basic goals: to raise global awareness of the water access and sanitation problems in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Apart from the two obtained awards, the Foundation was also nominated to the Best Foundation Award.

The award ceremony of the fourth edition of these prestigious awards took place at the Roca Madrid Gallery, which saw a full house with over 250 professionals, institutions and companies that revolve around water and which enjoyed the largest celebration of the water sector in Spain.

We Are Water image

Santi Serrat, member of the communication team of the We Are Water Foundation.

The prize to Best Feature in the iAgua Magazine was awarded to Sewage, the trace of our history by Santi Serrat, member of the communication team of the We Are Water Foundation in charge of contents, who received the award.

The article reviews the history of sewage, which appeared around 10,000 years ago as an inevitable feature of the urban settlements of our civilization. Sewage is human waste which even today continues to be lethal for millions of people.

Serrat explained that the award, obtained by the Foundation for the second year in a row, has been the result of the work of the entire communication team and declared: “The existence of the iAgua platform needs to be appreciated for two reasons: for the publishing possibilities it provides and for the creation of a water community that includes companies, institutions and citizens that share a concern. This award is an incentive for the We Are Water Foundation as it implies the recognition of this community to one of its basic goals: the creation of contents and knowledge to raise awareness of a global problem.”

The head of contents of the Foundation also received the award to the Best Strategy in Social Media, pointing out that social networks allow us to reach the global scale which is needed to face the water access and sanitation problems. We will only solve local problems if we do it based on a global spirit. It is necessary to create a critical mass so that citizens will pressure the institutional powers and social media are an essential tool to achieve this.”

The success of the gala, which has become a must-attend event in the water sector in Spain and Latin America, is a healthy symptom of the importance water and sanitation are acquiring in all areas of our society. The gala proved once again the capacity of iAgua to bring together the sector and make its contents and activities viral: it was followed in streaming by many more professionals and it had the hashtag #PremiosiAgua as the trending topic in Twitter with a dissemination of over 25 million impressions; excellent news without a doubt.