Access to Adequate Sanitation for Ukrainian refugees in Romania and Moldova

North-East Romania and Republic of Moldova, in the border with Ukraine

In collaboration with

World Vision

March – September 2022

We provide war refugees with toilets and sinks on Ukraine’s borders with Moldova and Romania.


  • To ensure that Ukrainian families taking refuge in Romania have access to sanitation and environmental hygiene.
  • To give 8.000 refugees with access to a toilet and washbasin.
  • Rehabilitation and building of at least 400 toilets/latrines.


8,000 directs
Ukrainian families taking refuge in Romania and Moldova

40,000 indirects

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On the ground

Thousands of people displaced by the war are without water or sanitation.

The situation in Ukraine is intensifying each day, with casualties and displacement growing.

On Sunday 27th of February the Ukrainian health ministerdeclared that 352 Ukrainians had been killed, including 14 children and 1.684 had been wounded, including 116 children. Only through midnight on March 1, 227 civilians had been killed and 525 injured in Ukraine.

Over 875,000 refugees have fled Ukraine into neighboring countries, according to UN High Commissioner for refugees, however, this number is growing by the hour. The UN are preparing for up to 5 million refugees. UN OCHA has noted that damage to civilian infrastructure has deprived hundreds of thousands of people of access to electricity or water and produced a map of “humanitarian situations” in Ukraine – mostly in northern, eastern, and southern Ukraine.

Up to 103,000 refugees have been received in Moldova and 57,000 in Romania, primarily women and children. The refugee flow is expected to increase as the flighting inside Ukraine continues.

Acceso a saneamiento adecuado para refugiados/as ucranianos/as en Rumanía y Moldavia 2

In detail

Rehabilitation and building of at least 400 toilets/latrines. Following the Sphere Standards of 1 toilet per 20 people (Standard 3.2).

In the current phase of emergency, the priority is that the refugee families’ immediate/basic needs are met.

It has been started the distribution of hygiene kits, that contain soap, detergent, tissues, menstrual pads, small first aid kit, and toothpaste and toothbrush, prepaid sim cards, as well as child-friendly packages to meet hygiene and sanitary needs of families with children, that include diapers, and other cleaning products required for child care, as well as some recreational resources for children.

We plan to rehabilitate 400 latrines/toilets both in border crossing settlements and in temporary housing locations in Romania and Moldova.

This will provide access to sanitation for 8.000 refugees.

Project impact

The project’s direct impact will be an improvement in the wellbeing, especially the health, of 8.000 people, by providing them with access to sanitation, which will reduce the occurrence of diseases linked to poor sanitation.

It will also enhance the health and safety of people hosted at the refugee camps and have a positive impact on the environment, impacting 40.000 people.

Acceso a saneamiento adecuado para refugiados/as ucranianos/as en Rumanía y Moldavia 4